Reflecting on “Thought for Food”

Last week, the Bodossaki Foundation and I traveled from Athens to London for the launch of their new Thought for Food program.  The moment I heard about this initiative I instantly fell in love with it. For me, the Thought for Food program marries and aims to promote what I love most about Greece and what I believe all of us, who share the same love for the country, need to support:

The products of its land and the talent of its people.


The intimate event was held at Ergon, a delicious Greek deli and café in the centre of London. Ergon is in itself a living example of Thought for Food’s vision: to empower and support one of the most promising sectors of the Greek economy.


The reason this initiative is so important is that, despite it’s great potential, the agro-food sector in Greece is still struggling with low productivity, little innovation, below-average product standardization and therefore has limited penetration of foreign markets.  That is exactly what the Bodossaki Foundation aims to change by supporting individual farmers, small businesses and co-operatives. The way they are doing this is, firstly, by providing training and consulting and, secondly, by commissioning research that will identify the unique characteristics of these products, improving the overall quality and global positioning of their goods.


I feel truly blessed to be part of such an endeavor and to be working with a passionate team that aims to make a positive, local impact in Greece whilst promoting these exceptional quality products abroad. As I write this, I am smiling, remembering the joy on people’s faces as they bit into warm, spinach pies, crunchy toasts layered with taramasalata, grilled octopus and olive oil and enjoyed large spoonfuls of fresh, Greek yoghurt subtly sweetened by the unique nectar that is Greek honey. I am truly grateful to all who came and supported us at our first event.  Together we can help build a better future through agriculture, innovation and entrepreneurship. I have no doubt that we have planted the seeds of a project that will grow, bloom, flourish and branch out.