Tatiana Blatnik

Tatiana was born in Caracas, Venezuela. After graduating from Aiglon College in Switzerland, she received her BA in Sociology from Georgetown University (2003). She has lived and worked in New York, London, Washington D.C. and currently resides in Athens, Greece with her husband, HRH Prince Nikolaos.

Tatiana’s career path has always combined the spirit of philanthropy with socially responsible business initiatives. While working as a public relations consultant for Diane von Furstenberg’s fashion house, she was heavily involved in supporting emerging women leaders through Vital Voice’s platform. At the same time, she was an active board member of the Walkabout Foundation, which focuses on funding research for paralysis and donating wheelchairs to people in need around the world. Furthermore, she actively supported the JuanFe Foundation, which aims to improve the quality of life of impoverished children while empowering teenage mothers in Colombia.

Shortly after moving to Greece in 2013, fueled by her passion for heritage-based projects, Tatiana co-founded TRIA ETC, a brand featuring accessories of quality artisan craftsmanship. Through TRIA’s collaboration with these local artisans, Greece’s heritage is celebrated beyond national borders in partnership with the Aspen Institute Alliance for Artisan Enterprise.

Tatiana’s course of life is based on the pillars of work, healthy living, sharing and giving a voice to others. As an advocate of a holistic approach to health, she co-founded ELPIDA Youth which supports the emotional wellbeing of children with cancer. In 2016 she spearheaded the launch of the first summer camp for children with cancer in Greece. 

By actively pursuing her passion for natural and healthy living, Tatiana co-created the cookbook “A Taste of Greece” which has been published in four languages and made available in 72 countries. This project was a product of her entrepreneurial spirit as well as her sense of philanthropy. All proceeds of the book support BOROUME (translation: WE CAN), the Athens-based food-saving and donating non-profit organization.

Tatiana has also lent her support to the Bodossaki Foundation by securing partnerships for their “Thought for Food” program which invests in Greece’s agriculture, in order to support individual farmers, small businesses and cooperatives.


In January of 2016, Tatiana was invited to join the The Hellenic Initiative (THI) as its first International Ambassador. THI is a global movement of the Greek Diaspora whose mission is to develop sustainable business improvement programs to empower Greek people toward long-term prosperity.

Currently Tatiana serves as VP of business development for the Lemon Tree Trust, where she is responsible for securing strategic partnerships to help the organization realize its vision of bringing gardening initiatives and launching agricultural businesses in refugee communities. Her mandate covers Northern Iraq, Greece and Jordan.

Tatiana has been a keynote speaker in over 25 events worldwide. She strongly believes in living a life of passion and purpose.


“Born to multicultural parents and moving between countries ever since childhood, I was raised lacking a special bond to any one place, country or identity. What remained constant in my life throughout the years was a passion for natural & healthy living. In other words, the pursuit of a healthy mind in a heathy body; applying a holistic approach to wellness; staying in tune with whatever provides purpose and perspective to our lives: nature, long-lived traditions, one’s own skills and talents.

When my husband and I moved to Greece in 2013, I decided to turn my passion into action and embarked on a number of relevant projects. Joining forces with a large community of people on shared goals, in the hope to help make a positive difference, has been a blessing.

As with all things close to the heart, my passion for natural & healthy living never ceases to grow. I look forward to continuing on this journey and sharing it with you every step of the way…”

– Tatiana Blatnik