TRIA ETC was born out of its three co-owners’ shared love of Greece and passion for all things unique and meaningful. Having moved permanently to Athens and being enamored with the local culture and people, Princess Tatiana was eager to find ways to promote Greek products that speak to the mind and soul. Her partners, Christina Filiagkouridou and Elina Sbokou, had always been amazed by the beauty of Greek artisanship and were keen on not only supporting artisans locally but also enabling them to access markets abroad. The natural evolution and organic integration of Tatiana’s, Christina’s and Elina’s different backgrounds led to the creation of TRIA ETC, a home for artisanship that reflects every bit of their own inner enthusiasm and relentless commitment to excellence.

TRIA ETC collaborates with talented artisans and artistic minds in Greece to create exclusive accessories and homeware that merge tradition with innovation in their techniques, materials and themes. TRIA ETC’s products feature the exceptional artisanal skills of their creators and tell fascinating stories about Greece’s culture, traditions and people.


TRIA ETC aspires to help revitalize the artisan sector in Greece by encouraging artisans to evolve their craftsmanship and raising the profile and visibility of both traditional and innovative Greek artisanship in the international marketspace