ELPIDA Youth was founded in the summer of 2015 by a group of young members of ELPIDA Association of Friends of Children with Cancer aspiring to further build on the latter’s strong vision and 25-year old legacy with new ideas and activities but always with the same love for the sick child and its family. Ever since its founding, ELPIDA Youth has worked on two ambitious projects that aim to improve overall quality of life for young patients.

PROJECT 1: Pilot a therapeutic summer camp program, where children will be involved in activities that aim to enhance their physical, mental and emotional status. In the longer term, ELPIDA Youth aspires to create a permanent summer camp incorporating an integrative approach to cancer care.

PROJECT 2: The refurbishment of the ELPIDA Guest House so that it continues to serve as a welcoming home, which partially alleviates the insecurity felt following the cancer diagnosis and fosters a sense of community. Having opened its doors in 1999 to provide free-of-charge hospitality to families outside of Athens whose children are treated in oncology clinics, the Guest House has hosted over 1700 families from all over Greece and even abroad.


The mission of ELPIDA Youth is to raise awareness about and support the psychological wellbeing of children suffering from neoplastic diseases.